There was snow on the ground. The second knee surgery of my short life was looming. I was unemployed. The post-grad anxiety was mounting.

2016 had to end properly, and for me that was by making a commitment that I absolutely could not keep. My 2017 New Year’s Resolution was to write once a week. I did not write once a week.

That’s all fine and good. I accomplished plenty of things this year that I’m very proud of. If my resolution was to get in shape, I would’ve damn near had it. The failure to stick to my resolution doesn’t bother me. But, I still want to write.

You have to start somewhere. The first step is to create good writing habits, and this time of year there is nothing better for that than a year in review. So without further ado, the worst year of my life, 2017:


  • January 10th – Knee surgery
    After spending the first 10 days of the year in my Mom’s house, it was time to get that ACL repaired. Surgery wasn’t so bad. It was flying back to San Diego two weeks later when I still couldn’t fully extend my leg that really got to me.


  • February 8th – 24th birthday
    I have no idea what I did on my 24th birthday. It honestly bothers me, but I was still taking painkillers at this point so I am going to blame those.


  • March 13th – First day at PetDesk
    During my job hunt I wanted to land at a tech startup. The only jobs at those companies for unskilled Psychology majors are sales jobs, so I began cold calling veterinary clinics everyday.


  • March 18th – Break up
    A real break up. The kind I include in my year in review. The kind where you have to move out of the shared apartment. It was the start of a very busy spring where I…


  • April 8th – Wedding with my ex
    … went to a wedding in Kansas City with my ex. We had already booked the trip. Some might say this was a bad idea, but in a weird way I kind of enjoyed it. It helped that the reception was at Boulevard Brewing Company and catered with that delicious BBQ that doesn’t exist in Southern California.


  • April 9th – My uncle John passed
    On the way back from that wedding, I learned that my Uncle had passed too soon after being diagnosed with lung cancer. I returned to my hometown for the funeral in May.


  • May 13th – Robbie and I’s new apartment
    Just a few weeks later I was out of my ex and I’s apartment. Robbie and I found a freshly redone apartment just a few blocks away from my last place. Some people say the three most stressful things in life are moving, break ups, and new jobs. Well, here we are.


  • June 2nd – Camping trip
    This was a much needed escape. Some of my closest friends and I went to Mount Laguna, stopping at Alpine Beer Company on the way. I should’ve done more of these.


  • June 6th – First spin class
    Trust me, I hate myself for including this too. It was still significant.


  • June 9th – DC Pride
    The last time I was in Washington DC I cried because a merry go round was closed for the day. So it hadn’t been too long. This go round involved the worst airport experience of my life (shout out Spirit Airlines for staying on brand). Otherwise excellent trip.


  • June 23rd – Las Vegas
    Mike’s birthday weekend. My body, it hurt. Someday I hope to retire to the lazy river at the MGM. But yeah, I’ve been traveling a lot this month. Hopefully the other parts of my life are taken care of!


  • June 28th – Fired from PetDesk
    There is nothing more humbling than getting fired. Full stop. Sales was not my career path, it was supposed to be a stepping stone. Honestly, this was a pretty gigantic low. I loved the company, I loved the people I worked with, I did not love sales. Ultimately I saw it coming though. There are other good opportunities, especially doing something I can get excited about.


  • July 15th – My Cousin’s wedding
    Let’s travel some more! I went to St. Louis first, and then outside the city for my cousin’s wedding. Other than the beautiful wedding in the scalding summer, I gotta highlight Urban Chestnut Brewing Company. Great beers, even better place to drink.


  • July 20th – Taking Beer started
    I wrote some stupid things that I haven’t taken down (yet). This was supposed to be a stepping stone to both writing more and finding a craft beer job. Sometimes it’s okay to lower your expectations.


  • August 14th – Stone job
    Stone Brewing offered me a job as a tour guide! This was how I would get into the professional craft beer world.


  • August 26th – Modern Times Festival of Dankness
    This was just a really wonderful day with Morgan and Robbie.


  • September 5th – No Stone job
    Through no one’s fault but my own, I didn’t start this job. This was probably the low of my year, but there were a few contenders.


  • September 16th – Modern Times x Shake Shack Collab
    It’s been a bad year, but at least San Diego has Shake Shack now.


  • September 29th – Accepted a position at my new company
    This is the type of job I should’ve been looking for directly after college. Stable company, great learning opportunities, and in an HR department that loves working together.


  • October 8th – Coldplay concert
    The crowning celebration of the end of unemployment. We tailgated, I made buffalo chicken dip, and the concert was probably fun.


  • October 11th – Started new job
    This is the day I started, but I didn’t realize I landed at the right spot until Halloween. Our 2000 person office had a massive costume contest. I would estimate over 50% of the company dressed up. 5 people dressed up at the last 2000 person company I worked for.


  • November 19th – Friendsgiving
    Morgan and Shea planned and hosted a Friendsgiving for 30 (!) of us. I didn’t even realize I knew 30 people in San Diego, but it was a defining moment of my fall to see the social circle I’ve stumbled into.


  • November 23rd – Thanksgiving
    Back to Red Wing for the first time since knee surgery. It was the best time I’ve had there in years, and it probably had a lot to do with the fact that I felt better than ever about my life away from there.


  • December 1st – RIP Mustache



  • December 10th – Kickball
    Life is a collection of loosely related events that you’re inexplicably emotionally invested in. That’s the only way I can lead up to saying that winning the B division of a gay kickball league was the best day of my year.


  • December 15th – Ann Coulter tweeted this



  • December 25th – Christmas
    My first one alone. It was surprisingly pleasant. I drank expensive beer. I made myself a nice meal. And I thought about what 2017 meant to me. That’s how y’all got this shitty blog.

Thanks for reading. Moving forward, this is going to be a personal blog. Hopefully it’ll involve more storytelling, but I know better than to say that’s going to happen.

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