First take

As someone who has started and abandoned more blogs than I care to admit, this first post is always a daunting one. I’m embarrassed to think about the grandiose openings I’ve written for otherwise neglected blogs.

Oh wow, I was going to write a weekly piece in 2014? That’s cute.

I won’t pretend to have learned my lesson, but I will be clear about my intentions. To get started, this is my first intensive dive into writing about something that I love, so please be as nasty as possible in the comments.

Next, what kind of masochist decides to start a blog? Well, long story short, the unemployed one. This is a passion project, but as my first foray into interneting the beer things I do, I have no idea what this will evolve into. That could beautiful, but it’ll more than likely be ugly and confusing.

This is a beer on a boat.

There is no official launch, there is no theme set in place. Shit, I barely have a plan. But for now, this is going to be one asshole’s takes on an industry that is changing faster than anyone can keep up with.


  • knee jerk reactions to beer news
  • bad tweets
  • where sports meet beer
  • beer in pop culture
  • sarcasm

Be on the lookout for my posts, that will come whenever I feel like writing something.

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